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The standard 1S – full service of the building.

For satisfaction of the growing requirements of the modern century, the used concept 7S combines in itself all necessary elements for comfortable accommodation. One of the basic elements of this standard is the purpose to make client's life both entrusted and convenient.

Requirements of the standard:

  • 24 hour security system
  • 24 hour supervision over entrances and exits
  • Cleaning service in the building
  • Meeting of clients in the building
  • The organization of customer service in the building

2S - the repaired apartments and a garage for each apartment owner

Each person wishes a convenient and comfortable apartment. One more element of the 7S concept 7S is directed on granting the repaired apartments. This element provides conditions for receiving directly the comfortable apartment, saving the clients' time. The wide and capacious underground parking, supplementing this cocept, will let your car constantly to be under the control and will ensure its safety.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Possibility of receiving repaired apartments
  • Opportunity for the owner of the apartment to get one garage at least

3S - park for resting

One of the elements of the 7S standard is an existence of gardening to let people have a rest in the fresh air.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Existence of an open place on the general square
  • Existence of a green place
  • Existence of park for resting

4S – Hypermarket

You can get all the necessary products in hypermarket with a constantly updated wide range.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Existence of a hypertmarket for satisfaction of daily requirements.
  • Note: it is important to transform 50% of the surrounding place into a park for resting.

5S - Center of sport and health

The fitness and SPA salons are your service for supporting your health and mood.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Separate SPA centers for men and women
  • Separate male and female fitness centers
  • Separate pools for men and women

6S - Kindergarten and preschool education

Teaching by the highly skilled teachers capable to provide development and a healthy growing to your children in the kindergartens equipped with the modern equipment.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Existence of kindergarten
  • Existence of the center for preschool education

Note: Existence of kindergarten and center for preschool training is a condition.

7S - Entertainment center and food objects

The food objects where you can have pleasure during fine moments of a joint rest at the table with the relatives are at your service. You will have unforgettable moments, enjoying yourselves in Entertainment Center during the whole week.

Requirements of the standard:

  • Existence of the entertainment Center
  • Cafes and restaurants for inhabitants and guests

Note: The quantity of the seats in cafes and restaurants has to be in the ratio 10% to the number of the apartments.

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