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Yeni Hayat Group of Companies provided everyone, basing on full satisfaction of the wishes and needs of consumers, the convenient level of accommodation by means of its residential buildings, trade and game complexes for the acceptable price and on appropriate conditions. 

Yeni Hayat brand is the image of new life and thinking, which includes all attributes of life luxury. Yeni Hayat Residence, Yeni Hayat Plaza, Azure Complex and Park Azure Complex, which became a decoration of the Baku architecture and construction, are considered as the allocated construction projects. 

YENİ HAYAT concentrated all types of services capable to meet the necessary needs of people in a united sphere for providing them with modern and high-quality inhabited apartments and the next Grand Hayat project.

YENİ HAYAT offers 1,2,3,4 roomed comfortable apartments corresponding to modern standards basing on desires and opportunities of its clients on more favorable and simplified mortgage conditions. The apartments are equipped with all kind of utilities and located in the Grand Hayat Complex.

Grand Hayat Housing Estate founded at the address Tbilisi Avenue, 1054, which is the most developed part of Baku from the point of view of infrastructure, consists of 10 monoblocks including 24 inhabited floors and 1920 apartments. There is a parking with 3 exits to different parts of the city, car wash, the 24 hour customer service and the 24 hour system of supervision.

The park of 30 000 sq.m with the swing equipped with special seats for entertainment of children, decorated with trees, ornamental plants and benches was conceived for more pleasant leisure time of inhabitants. Grand Hayat Housing Estate realizes the wishes of the clients about a comfortable and convenient way of life. It incorporates all the elements of modern life using the 7S standard. Grand Hayat is provided with central heating, camera control (access control) and service.

The project, whose construction began in 2014, has been phased in from 2018. During this period, there will be regular communication works, landscaping works, elevator cases, and apartment renovations, and will be provided to residents by the Grand Hayat for registration of property rights.

The complex is located at the address
Tbilisi Avenue, 1054, Baku, Azerbaijan.