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Yeni Hayat Group of Сompanies, which began its activity in 2002, is one of the advanced companies, which successfully subscribed for multiple projects. For the first time the company began its activity in the construction industry. Nowadays Yeni Hayat Group of Companies is one of the leading and advanced companies in the construction sphere. 

For the first time in Azerbaijan, by combining the house and the working space, Yeni Hayat wasn't content with only adding novelty into concept of complexity, but also provided more freedom to the concept of complexity of each project by connecting in its new projects the services for satisfying daily needs, rest, education and also necessary services for health.

Such values as Arrangement, Quality, Design, Complexity standing on the basis of the company, are carried out according to present time and requirements of clients in all the projects, besides, they are improved according to the requirements of clients.

At the moment Yeni Hayat Group of Companies is the founder of several companies and consists of the following companies:

- Familyland LTD

- Hayat Management

- Park Azure Housing Cooperative

- Hayat Palace Housing Cooperative

- Grand Hayat Housing Cooperative

Yeni Hayat Residence, Yeni Hayat Plaza, Azure Complex belonging to Yeni Hayat Group of Companies are adding beauty to the architecture and construction of Baku.

Park Azure Housing Complex is a magnificent construction project, which differs from the competitors by the arrangement and the services sector, which it will include.

One of the basic laws and values directing the company on success is Quality. Certainly, preservation of quality is inevitable for system development. That is why Yeni Hayat Group of Companies made its structure and supervision in the systematic form.